Ah, NH Politics

Here's the dude himselfThanks to AMR, here’s a snippet of NH political discourse from Doug Lambert that was over-the-top even for some of the most conservative conservatives here in the Granite State (and that’s saying something). I won’t bother to quote it – you can read this guy’s intelligent and insightful comments at Blue Hampshire (the link above).

Perhaps Doug’s outlandish statements aren’t so outlandish after all – at least in the context of his (nuanced and thoughtful) views expressed over the course of his lifetime.  According to GilfordGrok, here’s what he liked in high school:  Back in 1982 when Doug Lambert got to choose three things he liked for the ages in his high-school yearbook, he picked “rock and roll, Chevys, and nukes.”

Definitely sounds like someone I’d like to know!

Here’s Mo Baxley’s retort … you go Mo!

And the fallout continues – including Doug’s removing himself from the fray …

Even stepping back from his writing gig on GraniteGrok:

I will no longer write at GraniteGrok for an as yet undetermined amount of time. I plan on spending my time in prayer and reflection, looking inward to the unhealthy malice in my heart, for which I will ultimately have to face my Maker , begging for His undeserved mercy.

Prayer and reflection?  I really, really doubt that.  What a crock from GraniteGrok!

But perhaps he should be given the benefit of the doubt.  Can I/we be bigger than he is/was?

Of course – not even a stretch!

And, as an aside … do you think this piece of work might be related to Elizabeth Lambert?  There’s a similarity … can’t you see it?  Prolly similar political and religious bents, too, doncha think?

Just in case you forgot … here’s Liz in action …


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2 Responses to Ah, NH Politics

  1. JordanCornblog says:

    Hi Alice – and welcome back – and sorry this was one of the first things you came upon. Pretty shocking, what lurks in some hearts. Clearly, this was venom he’d been spewing for some time – just not quite so publicly (probably just with the like-minded – of whom I suspect there is no lack). Ugh! And, yes, OMG, too!


  2. Alice says:

    OMG–I come back from peaceful Asheville to THIS! I’m speechless. “Unhealthy malice” doesn’t come close. More–much more–inner reflection is needed. Hateful. OMG!


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