How Much Do You Know About Flash Events and Flash Mobs?

A friend sent me a link last night that had me lost for a chunk of time … looking at flash events (like the Philadelphia Opera Company’s offerings of Random Acts of Culture), and flash mobs (similar but more spontaneous … and apparently taking a violent turn in Philly).  Interesting phenomenon to say the least.

Here are two flash events … one at the old Wanamakers (check out that eagle and those 650 singers) … and the other at the Reading Terminal Market (CB’s old stomping ground):

Here’s what wikipedia has to say about flash mobs … and here’s a collection of other (older) videos … and an article from the NY Times about the Philly violence.

Gotta go get some work done here … and fill the bathtub with water in preparation for our potential loss of power later today.  (Ah, New England weather.)

Go Pats … Go Eagles … and go have a great day!

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2 Responses to How Much Do You Know About Flash Events and Flash Mobs?

  1. I can imagine (how it has changed). Am guessing it’s gone from being a real place to an “authentic” place … or am I too cynical? No pants in January??? Yikes!


  2. CB says:

    I can’t believe you remember that! The Reading Terminal has changed a lot since then. Why don’t you leave your pants at home and come down for this in January?


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