DWTS and Hope

Well, let me say right from the get go, I kinda wish Hope hadn’t gone all nekkid on us … but then again, I am old(er) and perhaps a bit set in my ways.

Just the same, this commentary from Zennie Abraham is excellent and highlights the kind of anti-strong-woman sexism that permeates our culture.  Here’s the You Tube Video …

You can check out all of Zennie’s posts about Hope here.

And here’s last week’s dance …

Lots ‘o drama, eh?  Problem is, I can’t bear to sit through the show … but I do try to vote each week (just gotta do it before 11 AM on Tuesday at the ABC DWTS website).

I dunno … maybe we just need more soccer and less dancing …

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2 Responses to DWTS and Hope

  1. Yes … melting, melting, melting! Safe travels, Alice … and Go Hope!


  2. Alice says:

    I kinda hate to admit it, but I often do sit through the WHOLE hokey thing, and agree with Zennie Abraham wholeheartedly. Hope’s not getting a fair shake for sure. Frankly I think she’s also putting up with a fair amount of sexist rant from her partner who keeps harping on her not being feminine/sexy enough. Ugh!

    I’ll be in the air flying home from Savannah
    during tonight’s show–please tell me the snow’s melting………………

    Go Hope!


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