Greeting the Immense Silence of the Morning

The immense silence of the morning. That’s the phrase that kept going through my head this morning as I stood in the dark waiting for Ruby and Caleb to do their business and come back in for breakfast.

The eastern horizon had a dim glow, illuminating the trees in silhouette as the stars slowly receded with the coming light. Looking out, looking up, all I could think was how immense the world is and how, ultimately, silent. All the noise of our activity, all the drama, all the strife – swallowed into the silence – in the end.

While that thought feels fundamentally true to me, I see how I dance around it, experiencing a whole range of feelings, often diametrically opposed to one another. Sometimes I find peace and sometimes terror in this train of thought.

Sometimes standing in that immense silence, I feel a part of the universe. Other times, I feel alone and at sea.

But the other thing I’m realizing, that feels so powerful to me, is that I have some choice in what I feel. When I embrace my feeling – even if it’s fear – I accept and explore and ultimately, come to some peace with it. When I try to avoid it or turn away, it dogs me, draining my energy and feeding my fears.

So greeting the immense silence of the morning feels like a positive stance to take in the face of everything – absolutely everything.  In the face of inevitability, there is always and ever … choice.

Along these lines, I’m very very psyched to report something that I learned from a friend yesterday. The amazing and wonderful book “The Finding Stone” by Christin Lore Weber is now back in print and available on Amazon.

If you’re interested in having a book that you want to keep and savor forever, nourishing yourself, and finding new meaning every time you dip into it, you want to give this as a gift to yourself.

PS Alice, Chris, and Holly (soon!) – I already got it for the Kindle!

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